Polina Davydenko [CZ] Based on true story

Exhibition Based on true story by Polina Davydenko has a basis in everyday contact with the medium of photography and in observation of its role in fine art. In this series, she looks for the forgotten ability of the medium and tries to develop its visual potential. Inspiration is the world of amateur photography and contemporary art. The working method is to abolish verified strategies and procedures – the set of photographs is not determined by the environment, theme, narrative or by a group of people. The result is an archive of image data, based on staged photography with overlaps into other genres such as photographic documentary or performance and is not primarily motivated by photography as a trophy. In the set of photographs, it is not possible to trace the starting point or the end. Photographs are offered to the viewer for interpretation and allow him to build his own narrative.


Polina Davydenko (* 1995) is a photographer who lives, studies and works in Brno. The series of photographs was created as a Bachelor’s Thesis in the Studio of Photography at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno under the guidance of Ivars Gravlejs and Tomáš Javůrek.