Anna Alpatieva & Andrew Sakun / THE FAR IS CLOSE



8.4. – 30.4. 2015

Anna Alpatieva & Andrew Sakun / THE FAR IS CLOSE


In the background of Anna’s and Andrew’s works you can feel a classical approach to work. The reasons can be found in their studies at traditional academy. Anna’s studies it atelier of monumental painting crosses Andrews approach who focuses on classical graphic technics and his effort to integrate it to contemporary art.

Anna’s inclination towards monumental approach is fulfilled in the main wall of the gallery. It is an explosion of pieces of painting. The pieces of Ukrainian Euromaidan in time of the protests. The pieces of barricades, people, protesters. The pieces reflect changes that happen in people minds and in society after such events. The image is organized in a new order – not necessurly negative or positive one. Complementary to the main wall is a book UA, a diary of the recorded events from the beginning of the last year. On the opposite wall we find new drawings. The expressivity was replaced by calm analysis. Elements that are still visible are diagonals, symmetry and dull black.

“Project The Far is Close was created as a reflection and self-­‐analysis of experience of protests and war on the East of Ukraine. It is essential to speak about what we have seen and felt and to reconsider what has happened to us. We feel the desire to show individual, human component of protests, to go apart from pallid statistics and formalized news. These works have a form of big signs to speak about struggle, hope, fears, new Ukrainian uprising, acts of treachery and tortures.”

In his video Feast of Disobedience Andrew explores the parallels between current events on Ukraine and those at the end of 20s and beginning of 30s of XX centuries when during so called Executed Renaissance almost all Ukrainian intellectuals were murdered. Andrew writes down sentences from newspapers, periodical and letters from that period that can easily describes also today’s events. Drawings and text are overlapping each other and blends together the same way as our history. The same mistakes are made. How is it possible that the history repeats and we do not see it?

Curator: Marta Fišerová

Anna Alpatieva * 1987 v Mariupol, UA
Studied: National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Andrew Sakun *1986 v Kyiv, UA
Studied: National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, Kyiv, Ukraine.














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