Invitation / Jimena Mendoza / BETWEEN WORLD AND FICTION

We are happy to invite you to the opening of exhibition of Jimena Mendoza / BETWEEN WORLD AND FICTION

Opening: 1.7. from 6 pm till 9 pm
Exhibition: 1.7. – 23.7. 2015

Author about exhibition:
One day in winter 2013, I was in a bus in Prague on broad daylight when I saw through the window the figure of two cosmonauts opening theirs path across the grew undergrowth, I can clearly remember the surprise that provoked on me this scene, it is stuck in my mind. 



Author`s bio:

Jimena Mendoza studied Visual Art at National School ENPEG La Esmeralda in Mexico City. In 2008 she studied a specialization in Arts-Space at L’École Nationale Supérieure Des Arts Decoratifs, Paris. Actually she study the Master program of Intermedia Studio, UMPRUM, Prague. She has been participated in divers residencies: 2006 Centre Banff in Alberta Canada; 2008 Brownstone Foundation Residency in Paris; 2013 Meetfactory, Prague. Some of her solo and collective exhibitions are: 2011 Punto de Fuga in La Galeria de Comercio; 2013 In a broken dream, Museo de Artes de Sinaloa. Collective: 2013 SAKAHAN National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa; 2013 Lotus eaters, Casa del Lago, UNAM; 2013 Traces, La Raza gallery, San Francisco, USA; 2011 Liminal Takes en el Centro Root Division, San Francisco.