Riina Palmqvist (FIN) #STARTERPACK

4. 4. – 17. 5. 2018

Riina Palmqvist (FIN) #STARTERPACK

Riina Palmqvist is Finnish visual artist and graduate of the Academy of Arts at the University of Applied Sciences in Turku. The author works mostly with installations and videos. The exhibition explores a wide range of materials related to the theme of psychic frustrations in the 21st century. Starter packs are well-known starter kits designed to create an artificial archetype of celebrity, subculture, or society. Each set recommends to individuals to make their own choice – fashion accessories, consumer products, albums, etc. It is a marketing and business strategy that, through the manual, aims to hand over the instruction how to become someone else and in consequence to reject his own nature.

Curator: Tereza Záchová


Interview with the author



The project is financially supported by the Czech Ministry of Culture, The City of Brno and Frame Finland. With media support from Scandinavian House.