Roy Menachem Markovich / FALSE MAJEURE

10.5 – 8.6.2017

Roy Menachem Markovich / FALSE MAJEURE

Normally, we offer visitors a text that we perceive as part of the exhibition, as an important element that has many forms – from explanation, introduction to context, a guidance how to read an exhibition or to create the atmosphere. In the case of the exhibition FALSE MAJEURE, the viewer needs a different ability than reading the text, it is necessary to understand the humour and irony that is present in both the sculptural and the video part of the exhibition. A sense of humour is the ability of creative vision and, in particular, an ability of describing the reality. Just as someone is capable of creating and transmitting humour, the recipient must be able to perceive humour. At the exhibition of Roy Menachem Markovich, we witness artificially rewritten situations and with a basic social empathy characteristic for our common geographical location, we are able to decode the dose of joke, emphasised by the moment of surprise and absurdity.

At this point, I could end my text, as the merit of the things that make the exhibition of Roy Menachema Markovich FALSE MAJEURE has been described.

However, as you can see, when you look at the rest of the text, I will not. There are still many interesting moments that can complete the image of the exhibition.

Sculpture and video are Roy Menachem Markovic’s main means of expression. His video works mock the genre of hidden cameras, reality shows, but also documentaries. Markovich adopts the strategies of banal and superficial fun of the hidden camera (Candid camera) and adds a new dimension to it. The absence of a human, which is an essential element in the hidden camera format, allows us to concentrate our attention on an artificially constructed scene that is from the beginning condemned to destruction. Short videos with the fall of reality are strengthen by the fact that they are over ten years old and its technical parameters do not meet today’s requirements. Light blur, poor quality reminiscent in our memories the television broadcasting from the millennium.

The link between the featured video production and the sculpture work is, in some sense, the video “The Fountain of Things” on the main wall of the gallery, which throws out of itself things that become an infinite stream of unified objects.

With the same ease with which Markovich turns upside down the traditional film genre, he plays with sculptural approaches. At the centre of his interest remains an inexpensive, discarded and no longer needed mass-produced object or its part of various material and texture. He cuts them, crosses and composes into new shapes and hybrids. The final form he settles on an imaginary pedestal of ironic glory. He calls his small sculptural works “Miniments”. In its essence, these are diminished monuments that have appropriated aesthetic codes that can recall us the forms of “Aliens and Herons” in Czech Republic and in Israel the modernist sculptures, memorials celebrating fallen heroes and national consciousness from the 70s and 80s of the 20th century.

When installing “Miniments”, Markovich plays with the gallery space. The statues are installed on the pedestals in the way that they have their viewing side facing the window. However, when a visitor looks outside of the gallery space, he is confronted with unscrupulous quality, an ugly side of the installation, which is usually hidden from the viewer’s eyes. It is Markovich’s ironic gesture in the form of “the beauty and the beast”, the parody of art of fair when its aesthetics are transferred to the space dedicated to the exhibition.

Curator: Marta Fišerová Ćwiklinski


Roy Menachem Markovich was born in 1979 in Tel Aviv, where he lives and works till today. In 2007 Markovich graduated from Fine Arts at HaMidrash, Beit Berl College. Markovich is the laureate of The Advancement Art Award for Contemporary Art from Kunst 13, Zürich; The Julie M. Gallery Exhibition Award, Tel Aviv, received a scholarship from the America-Israel Cultural Foundation. He has participated in numerous Israeli and foreign group and solo exhibitions. The last solo exhibitions were presented in Kunst 2013, Zurich; Bei Koc, Hannover; P13 Gallery, Heidelberg; Julie.M Gallery and Raw Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, which also represents him; The recent group exhibitions could be seen in The Torrance Art Museum, Los Angeles; The Israeli Center for Digital Art, Holon; KUBUS Municipal Gallery, Hanover; Haifa Museum of Art; Athens Biennale; Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art; The Israel Museum, Jerusalem; Anna Ticho House, Jerusalem.

On the music scene, Markovich is known as Seňor Sandwich

The exhibition of Roy Menachem Markovich FALSE MAJEURE is the culmination of “The Block of Israeli Exhibitions” at the Klubovna Gallery.


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Project was supported by The Embassy of Israel in Czech Republic, by Jew Community in Brno, by Ministery of Culture Czech Republic and The City of Brno.