Andi Schmied / JING JIN CITY

2.10. – 20.10. 2015

Andi Schmied / JING JIN CITY


Andi Schmied’s JING JIN CITY comprises photographs and installations of Jing Jin, a luxurious city situated about an hour’s drive from Beijing, that remains largely unoccupied since construction began in 1998. This entirely fabricated landscape is home to a development of 3,000 luxury villas, alongside a huge hotel, an 18-hole golf course, an artificial lake and horse-racing tracks. The houses are very slowly being sold meanwhile potential buyers are put off by the idea of starting a dream life in a permanent construction site. The villas exist in various stages of incompletion, ranging from concrete shells with unfinished interiors to rendered façades with landscaped gardens. It is not a ghost town, but has a life of its own. The city is kept in order by a small army of gardeners and guards who also make up most of the city’s permanent population. The activities of gardeners and guards maintain the illusion that the city is functioning as planned.

This exhibition is a walk through the city; finding hidden paths, hearing voices and exploring the way of life that has emerged from an absence of use.

The exhibition is accompanied by a self-published artist book about the project, made in collaboration with London-based artist Lawrence Lek.

Curator: Anna Juhász


logo_brnoThis project is being supported by the city of Brno.