Jean-Philippe Paumier / PRECIOUS FRAGMENTS



3.6. – 25.6. 2015

Jean‐Philippe Paumier / PRECIOUS FRAGMENTS


Precious fragments is the title of the project I’m presenting at Galerie Klubovna. It questions the concept of memory and is based on the phenomenon of persistence of vision. It mostly consists of an experimental installation, more precisely a slide-.‐projection with serene landscapes on a phosphorescent (glow‐in-.‐the‐dark) screen.

The basic device involved in this installation is a vintage slide-.‐projector with a timer which is, to a certain extent, halfway between photography (still printed images) and Zilm (moving projected images). The slide holder itself suggests the linearity of time, proposing an invariant present continuous.

Once an image has been projected the slide projection momentary stops. Then, due to its luminous properties, the screen spontaneously reveals an afterimage (an image continuing to appear in one’s vision after the exposure to the original image has ceased), monochrome and positive. This image emerges as a sort of extended ghost-.‐image, a recollection which exists for a short-.‐time period before it gets vague and blurred, then Zinally disappears. The succession of the slides and their temporary status can be seen as an attempt to visualize the process of memory with its superpositions of different instants and temporalities.

The development of this project meets my personal interest in this disturbing paradox: could a shadow possibly produce its own shadow? Would it be at least possible to give it a visual equivalent?

Jean‐Philippe Paumier

Curator: Marta Fišerová

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